Prompt Hint

Here are the most advanced ChatGPT prompt techniques that will put you 10 steps ahead of others when you learn them:

  • 1. Change the temperature setting.
    Temperature controls the creativity level of the outputs produced. - A high temperature of 1.0 or above will make ChatGPT more creative. - A temperature of 0.1 or less will make ChatGPT more rote-based.
    We can illustrate this in the following way.
    Write a short article explaining that artificial intelligence will continue to grow in popularity, set Temperature to 0.1.
  • 2. Train ChatGPT to write its own prompts for you. If you don't know how to ask your questions to ChatGPT, ask it. Prompt: "What is the best prompt for ChatGPT to learn my typing styles for me and respond to my emails?"
  • 3. Generate unique business ideas. Creating lists is easy with ChatGPT. Ask GPT to suggest innovative perspectives. Prompt: "Create new perspectives or strategies for '(your business idea) topic. Emphasize innovative ideas."
  • 4. Simulate an expert or your idol. You can make ChatGPT specialize in a particular subject. Then you can chat with him or ask GPT to produce content from that person's perspective.
    In this example, I turned ChatGPT into a Marketing graduate from Harvard University: Prompt: "As a talented Harvard Marketing graduate, guide me in creating social media content that resonates with AI enthusiasts."
  • 5. Create the answers in tabular format. It's very easy to do, yet I get a lot of questions about how to do it. Prompt: "Create a table for the best AI tools. Add the following columns: Name, Category, and Description. Here are the tools I want you to summarize: [tools]

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