How to Use?

The main backbone of the software is the prompts. It is set up to allow you to find the correct prompts. You can filter by model and category, as well as by using tags. In addition to all these, you can search for the words you want using the search box. After typing at least 3 letters, the search will take place. Top Starred Prompts and Most Viewed Prompts on the Homepage are the prompts highlighted for you.

When you go to the details of a prompt, the most starred prompts in the category and model associated with that prompt will be automatically suggested to you. If you wish, you can use category, model and tag filters in the prompts.

From the static pages on the left menu, you can access information such as how the system is used and what it is intended for. For any question that comes to your mind, please contact @bortecoder on Twitter or send me a mail Have a great prompting.